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We started to collect information about the CB100 after acquiring our CB100N-A a couple of years ago. After setting up the Facebook page we have come to realise just how international these little Hondas are. With followers from Asia, the Americas and Europe they span the world.

The CB100 is one bike in a series of single cylinder OHC engines with capacities up to 185cc in commuter, sports and trail bike form. We will add road tests and advertising material for all the models in the family as we come across it in our collection of period magazines. The CB100 was such a global model that it is hard to gather definitive data for launch dates etc from different countries, I will try and be as accurate as I can but apologise for any errors I may inadvertently make

Help build the wall of CB photos ( It doesn’t have to be a 100, any small Honda single will do.)

Whether yours is totally original, a radical Cafe racer, a restoration project or an everyday workhorse send us a picture and a location and we will add it to the wall.

Email photos@hondacb100.co.uk

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Honda 100 Range Honda CB100S c1973 Honda off road range 1979

Honda 100 range c1973

Honda CB100S c1973

Honda off road range 1979